yes Ximko is from The land of Dragons she acted like a man to get into the army and learn to fight she dosnt like to be bossed around by people weaker than her she isnt a bad person at all most people who know her like her a lot but she also has the power of yin and yang when she is mad or hurt bad her body gives off a black arura and her eyes are darker and she is a LOT more mean than she normaly is and when she is in Yin form she acts like a new person she says in Yin Form "Yang is gone......Yin is here and you dont want to mess with me" but when she is in Yang she is alot more happy and caring and she dosnt have to say anything she just smiles ^^ her eyes are light when she is in Yang form she can get pissed in Yang form i mind you that but its normaly for a good reson and also there is a few times where her Yin and Yang half both get mad wich causes her body to go under a lot of pain and stress wile the black and white arura swirls all around her body and sword her eyes are a mix of dark and light she has only done this one and it was when she first became a nobody her own family and her town came after her when they found out that Xemnas was talking to her trying to join him back then her name wasnt Miko it had more to it but when her family disowned her and also the town came after her she felt sadness fear hate and anger so her yin and yang when crazy she wasnt able to stop herself she didnt kill anyone but she hurt meany and caused fires and other stuff when Xemnas finly found her she was laying under a cherry blossom tree in the dirt coverd in mud and blood her own body was cut all over and she said to him "Yin is the dirt i lay in and Yang is the cherry tree above my head i am forever cursed to lay in the pit of Yin" and then she passed out she found out Xemnas had taken her back to the world that never was and she lived there for a long time but dosnt live there ATM